Monday, August 27, 2012

Teacher, Teacher

I should be doing homework.  I should be walking.  Instead, I entered the word "teacher" in the Pinterest search box and was a little weirded out by what I saw.

First thing that caught my eye was this outfit.  I like it.  But then I noticed someone had it pinned to her "Halloween Costume Ideas" board.  Okay, really, no one would look at this ensemble and proclaim, "I know, you're a supposed to be a teacher! Great costume!"  Not to mention that it's really difficult for me to consider wearing such a fetching outfit to work when I think of the kneeling, crouching, climbing, recess monitoring, copier unjamming, and rug sitting that fills my day...
The next thing that grabbed me (and not in a good way), was this necklace.  Um, no.  Enough said.
There was a link to a story about a teacher stabbing a teacher, but for the sake of my profession, I'll leave you to search that one out.

There are lots and lots and lots of crafty ideas for people to make gifts for their kids' teachers, and seriously, though the thought always does count, my room cannot hold any more knick-knacks.  Even cute ones like this:
A couple of years ago, on my old blog, I wrote a post about teacher gifts, and I'm going to link it here just in case someone comes a wandering.  It was pretty well received, and I stand by it still.   Oh, and then I wrote another one...  I think I have those in reverse posting order, but you get the idea.

Know this:  I remember every student I have taught and something specific about each one.  It's not the gifts they've given me, it's their gifts that they've shared and the growing they do in the school year they're with me that is always memorable.  Each and every child holds a place.

Now a gift I got this year on the first day of school did make me giggle, in a good way.  Instead of an apple for the teacher,
a pineapple.

It's going to be a good year!

A disclaimer, I have found some wonderful and useful classroom ideas via Pinterest.  I just don't think I ever did such a broad/vague search before tonight.


  1. i don't know ... i kinda like the necklace. it has a certain flair!

    and i think you could totally do the outfit ... halloween costume or no!

  2. that's so funny... that outfit says "teacher" to me LEAST on the list. Like the skirt though :)

  3. I had to laugh at the impracticality of wearing a skirt to school for you... I thought the same thing during the flower ceremony at my son's school. All the teachers were dressed up trying to make good impressions with us parents & show honor for the event. I appreciated it, but felt oh so bad for them, as they tried to kneel down to the 4 year olds seated level up front.

    Even my husband mentioned "You can tell the directors from the teachers. Teachers have on skirts, while the Directors are all about the pants." And it was true.

  4. I still remember years go when A just started school I had asked you about what to gift a teacher. Your honest advice was the best... Since then, we have had many happy teachers!

  5. I love wearing dresses, I would wear one everyday if I could, but it is definitely a challenge to teach in a dress! But it would be a cute date night or church (or both) outfit!

  6. The outfit is cute! I can't imagine wearing it to teach in, either, but it looks pretty much like what the teachers in the district I drive for seem to wear.

  7. I do wear skirts/dresses while teaching; I'm wearing one today. But this one is a little too sexy for school--in a prim and proper way.


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