Monday, March 18, 2013

Our Favorite Things

Does anyone have Julie Andrews in their head?  I do!  However this post has nothing to do with whiskers on kittens or warm woolen mittens (the latter being a favorite nonetheless).

Next month I've having some girlfriends over for an Our Favorite Things party.  I'm really looking forward to it.  (I love having things to look forward to, don't you?)

The aim of the party is to share, kind of grab bag style, some of our favorite little helps and treats.  Each guest is asked to bring three to six of their favorite things:  running socks, hand cream, candle scent, kitchen utensil, etc.  Then they will extoll the virtues of each item and we'll ooh and aah and take turns choosing the items that seem most intriguing.

Of course, I can't list all my items as I want them to be surprises but here's one:
It's a "Chico Bag," and I am in love with it.  I bought two from my friend Mara a few years back and I've used them ever since.  The size of a regular (gosh-awful) plastic grocery bag, they fold up inside their own little attached pouch.  The perfect item to throw in my purse that gives me many a chance to say, "Thanks, I don't need a bag!"

Being sort of a pragmatic soul, most of my gift are as exciting as this one.  But they're all the kind of things my guests will wonder how they lived without once they've used them.

Speaking of non-pragmatic things, well be treating ourselves to cookies, fruit, teas out of bone china cups, and all things girlie.  Want to join us?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sew What?

School was canceled today due to snow.  (I thought about titling this post "Snow What?")  I can't remember what got me started, but I decided to clean out all the drawers, cabinets and the linen closet in our master bath.

It took me three hours.

I found a lot of expired products.  I found a lot of duplicates stored in different spots.  I swear, we aren't hoarders (really almost the opposite), but I found more little tubes of lotion from department stores, student gifts, and the dermatologist than I know what to do with.  Check back in a few weeks when I have THE most supple of skin...

Operation Christmas Child has really been on my mind lately, and as I was organizing our bathroom, I came across something so random but a great use came to mind.  What is it?  Thread!  For some reason, during his single days, Brad bought three little sewing kits like this one (sorry for the blur):
He also bought (only) one package of needles:
 Most have gone untouched.

I've been hanging onto some Rx bottles for a while, and today I decided to use them to make mini-sewing kits for my age 10-14 girl boxes!  Each bottle holds two (or more) mini-spools of thread, a piece of felt to house the needles, and three bottles even scored a needle threader.

Because boys get fewer boxes, the majority of my 2013 boxes will be for boys.  However, I will put together some girl boxes, and any of these mini-kits I don't use will go into friends' boxes.  I still have leftover thread and needles, so over the next few months I'll put more of these together.  Add to my shopping list: scissors and small portions of fabric. 

I love how Operation Christmas Child allows me to reuse something I have an abundance of!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Operation Christmas Child Through the Year

A few months back, I started a Facebook group to keep my friends apprised/reminded of Operation Christmas Child Through the Year.  Aptly named, its title is its purpose.  This weekend, Brad and I decided it would be good to make it public.

So, I did.

I know this little blog reaches only a few people.  But I thought I'd proclaim it here and ask you all to join. 

Our church has a philosophy of bringing the Gospel to people here, near and far.  This is the far I focus on.  Each time an OCC shoebox is gifted, it is accompanied by the story of Jesus in the recipient child's language. 

Over 100,000,000 shoeboxes have been shared since OCC started.  What an amazing feat and impossible without God working through so many people.  I love being a small part of this giving, and I hope you will too.