Monday, March 18, 2013

Our Favorite Things

Does anyone have Julie Andrews in their head?  I do!  However this post has nothing to do with whiskers on kittens or warm woolen mittens (the latter being a favorite nonetheless).

Next month I've having some girlfriends over for an Our Favorite Things party.  I'm really looking forward to it.  (I love having things to look forward to, don't you?)

The aim of the party is to share, kind of grab bag style, some of our favorite little helps and treats.  Each guest is asked to bring three to six of their favorite things:  running socks, hand cream, candle scent, kitchen utensil, etc.  Then they will extoll the virtues of each item and we'll ooh and aah and take turns choosing the items that seem most intriguing.

Of course, I can't list all my items as I want them to be surprises but here's one:
It's a "Chico Bag," and I am in love with it.  I bought two from my friend Mara a few years back and I've used them ever since.  The size of a regular (gosh-awful) plastic grocery bag, they fold up inside their own little attached pouch.  The perfect item to throw in my purse that gives me many a chance to say, "Thanks, I don't need a bag!"

Being sort of a pragmatic soul, most of my gift are as exciting as this one.  But they're all the kind of things my guests will wonder how they lived without once they've used them.

Speaking of non-pragmatic things, well be treating ourselves to cookies, fruit, teas out of bone china cups, and all things girlie.  Want to join us?


  1. I love that idea! It sounds like so much fun!

  2. I thought of you when I was in Michael's this weekend. They had huge bins of 50 cent items that were super cute. Don't know if any of it would work for your OCC boxes but would be worth a check if you have one nearby.

  3. what a fun idea ... very oprah-ish :-)

    seriously, if i lived closer ...

  4. I think of you every time I take my bags in the store & tell them to not use plastic :)


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