Saturday, March 2, 2013

Operation Christmas Child Through the Year

A few months back, I started a Facebook group to keep my friends apprised/reminded of Operation Christmas Child Through the Year.  Aptly named, its title is its purpose.  This weekend, Brad and I decided it would be good to make it public.

So, I did.

I know this little blog reaches only a few people.  But I thought I'd proclaim it here and ask you all to join. 

Our church has a philosophy of bringing the Gospel to people here, near and far.  This is the far I focus on.  Each time an OCC shoebox is gifted, it is accompanied by the story of Jesus in the recipient child's language. 

Over 100,000,000 shoeboxes have been shared since OCC started.  What an amazing feat and impossible without God working through so many people.  I love being a small part of this giving, and I hope you will too.

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