Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Little Less Rockin' Please

When I was studying to be a teacher, one of my friends asked how I was going to teach spelling in a misspelled world, "You know, like Dunkin' Donuts?"  That question was asked well before the Internet was widely used, before Facebook, before blogging, and way before texting.

Truth be told, I remember her question each time I need to write doughnut and find I have to stop to think of the right way to spell it.  No wonder so many folks are spelling challenged.

I am far from always grammatically correct.  I make typos and spelling errors all the time.  But there are still a few intentionally misspelled words and goofy phrases out there that drive me a little nuts.  I wish my friends (those over 35) would stop using them in writing (unless you are writing a fiction piece in which your aim is to create a dialect). I wish I'd stop using a particular one in speech.  I wish!

They include:
kewl (cool)
guhfriend (girlfriend--and there are other misspellings)
cray cray (crazy)
adorbz (adorable)
conversate (chat)
"love me some..."  (I love)
LOLZ  (shouldn't it be LzOL for laughs out loud?)
lightening (when one means lightning)
rock (as in, "I really rock my red heels.")
sista (sister)
mutha (mother)
awsum (awesome)
ahsum (see parenthesis above)
like (spoken, it would seem, instead of um--I am guilty of this too)
"I know, right?"  (spoken)
prolly (probably)
spose ta (supposed to)

True, I am a hypocrite as I am like a lazy speaker.  True, I went from my written peeves to my spoken peeves in the above list (I'm guilty of a lack of continuity). Feel free to, color me cantankerous.  Oh wait, that's not a color, I'll have to get the Cray Crayola people on that (see what I did there?)  Tell me I'm a curmudgeon, and I will agree.  Yes, slang happens, and sometimes it sticks.  I get that "groovy," was a made up word that caught on.  I've gotten used to, but still don't like, "ginormous."  (Arrggghhh, spell check didn't even underline that one.)  I've been accused of only caring about this kind of thing because I am a teacher, but that's not true!

Help me feel less alone.  Share your word peeves, would you?   And if you, like me, use some of these, please don't be offended.  I'm just venting, I'm not "hating."

Disclaimer:  If you use such terms, I will not unfriend you, stop speaking to you, or mock you.  Please avoid doing any of those things to me.  Thank you.


  1. I had to "un-friend" someone on Facebook because she butchered the English language so BADLY it hurt my head to read anything she posted. And she posted a lot. I should mention that English was her first language.

    I hate text-talk.
    For example:
    u (instead of you)
    k (Okay)
    lol (Really, how often is someone ACTUALLY laughing out loud when that is typed?)

    There are a lot more, but those are the ones that come to mind at the moment.

    1. True, can LOL ever be taken as truth.

      I do say K. No wait, I only text it. Is that okay?

  2. I agree with the comment above. I hate text-talk! I hate when people use u instead of you, b4 instead of before, and k. I'm guilty of using "love me some" and saying like too much, but the rest of your list makes me want to hurl when people use those words.

  3. My two Sams!

    I say like way too much. My kids do it, and it bugs me, but then I do it when I'm away from them. (And by kids, I mean my students not my son!)

  4. There is something silly about adults using slang. It's definitely an ill fit for a 30+ year old person to talk like an 18-year-old. However, I will admit though I rock nothing, I use rock to compliment my girlfriends. I feel silly, but it slips out.

    1. I don't rock anything either, perhaps I'm just jealous of those who do!

  5. How about sum for some?

    I've an acquaintance who writes prolly for probably. I wonder if she thinks it's cute or if she really doesn't know better.

    1. I've seen "sum" too. Ugh. As for prolly, I have a friend who does that and I wonder the same thing. Now I'm wondering if we know the same woman!

  6. Sadly... I am going to be 37 & did not know most of those.

    The Like & "I know right?" - spoken - yes. Those are me. Add Awesome to the list, and I'd hit the top 3 most annoying (to my hubby) things I do daily. Well, besides thinking 4am is a perfectly good time to get up to workout - or worse - hit snooze to delay getting up to workout.

    Most annoying to me... Those over 60 using text me with me. Sigh. I don't even go there, yru? It took me FOREVER to figure out that meant (why are you). Seriously.

  7. Apparently, because of comments left here and on Facebook, a great many of my friends use "love me some," so I guess I'll have to amend my thoughts on it. That or be very lonely...

  8. My only pet peeve is when I can't understand what is being said. If I have to read it out loud a couple of times then I'm a little annoyed.


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