Friday, February 1, 2013

The Perfect Opportunity

The house is empty.  Mac is long moved and Brad is out.  Shhhh. It's so quiet, I savor it but almost cannot stand it.  It's hard to remember when I was single and so much of my time was spent this way.

It should be the perfect time to blog.

So I sit here reflecting on my week.  As always, it was full.  As always, I came home exhausted each night.  Earlier in the week, I came home to a guest, my husband's younger son.  He stopped through on business, and we dined together.  Then I left him and his dad to talk, they don't see each other much, they didn't need me there.

As I moved from the basement to the upstairs after exercising, I did hear one thing that gave me pause.  His son, always a Christ Follower as far as I know, said he had never read the whole Bible.    Eight years ago right about now, I was getting going on just that.

You see, I started going to church the previous November ('04) and I was seriously thinking about getting baptized (wound up doing so February 16, 2005).  I wanted to see what IT was ALL about.  I knew what my heart was telling me to do, but my brain wanted more learning.

Looking back now, I can't remember where I was at this point or how long it took me to get into it, I do know I have a box of printed emails from a teaching pastor patiently answering so many questions.  I still have all the teacher aids--mini posters--I bought to help me understand what I could. I remember being really, really angry when I read Moses didn't make it to the Promised Land. I do clearly remember seeing Jesus full on in the Old Testament and how thrilled I was with each glimpse (aka prophecy).  I recall still reading into the summer--lounging on the Balcony with my Quest.

But then, at some point, I got bogged down (that sounds so awful) in Paul's letters, and I just stopped. I must have gotten through 2 Corinthians because when I came across 2 Corinthians 5:17, I jumped off the page and my heart sang.  But shortly after that, I gave up.

Of course, I didn't stop reading the Bible, but I stopped reading it in its order. Quit.  I've never read the whole Bible either.

Sitting here tonight, reflecting on my week and that smidgen on conversation, it occurs to me I need to remove that boggling mind weight and dive back in.  Brad had suggested I study the maps for each letter first, to get to know to whom the words were written--you know, the audience other than me.  I may.  Or I might just read a bit and then study those folks.

"May God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give you grace and peace."  Romans 1:7

I have no doubt this will be slow going, but it will be good going nonetheless, and for that I am blessed.

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  1. Reading the Bible all the way through was a rewarding experience for me in many ways. Seeing verses that I thought I knew, reading them in context, and, yes, seeing the glimpses of Jesus (sometimes I wonder how come no one else saw it - ah the joy of hindsight). As you read, however you choose to read, I know that you will be blessed.

  2. Even though I have been a Christian many years, I didn't read the Bible through until 2011 and what a blessing! I had read much of the Bible, just not all the way through and I'm so glad I did. Thanks for the reminder that I need to read it again start to finish!

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