Monday, October 1, 2012

Here's to Fall Y'all

A new blog plus less time than ever equals fewer posts (crazy busy school year, hello new curriculum and new meeting schedule).  I don't have today's math lesson fully planned, but I know that much real life math.  So it's time to link up with Listicles again to get my mind off school for a moment and onto something, well, mindlessly wonderful.

This week Stasha asked for our favorite fall must haves.  I encourage you to visit her blog, and then visit others who have linked up. They're much more pithy than I, no doubt.

Today starts October, what do I want around me?

1.  Butterscotch liqueur for hot chocolate (and for the chocolate butterscotch martini I'm going to concoct if Mac answers my birthday wish for a shaker.)
2.  Open windows for sleeping under many covers and waking up to cold.
3.  A scraper for my car windows--morning frost for those few times I can't pull into the garage due to a Brad project going on.
4.  Pansies.  Their bright yellows and purples stare down winter, they taunt it--"Go ahead, I'm frost resistant," until nearly and sometimes into December.  I moved some asters from a pot into a bed, and I now have a pot o' purple and yellow.  Love them!
5.  Mums, they remind me of Mom--they're in the backyard, but I'll get some for a vase near month's end.
6.  My weekend-not-going-out-of-the-house-baggy-in-the-butt-jeans.  (Okay, they're suitable for Home Depot or a WalMart run, and maybe a "the library closes in 10 minutes and I have a book waiting," run...) 
7.  My gray hand-me-down from Brad sweatshirt and my black-hand-me down (stolen) from Mac hoodie.  Wearing the latter as I compose this.
8.  Caramel anything  (Most recently a caramel chocolate martini.)
9.  A good idea for a class birthday treat, my 52nd (eek) is October 28th. 
10. Hikes in state parks, we have at least one planned for sure.
image courtesy of the Illinois DNR

And though it's supposed to be 10, I'm going for 11--
11.  Books that have nothing to do with lesson planning!


  1. I loveeeee cool nights to wake up to a cold room! :)

    I just wore my saggy butt jeans to take the dogs to the groomers Saturday morning- so I know exactly what you're talking about there :)

    I've been on a carmel Frap mood myself. Carmel just screams Fall... over apples.. mmm..

  2. Love these! I would add - carmel candles. They just smell like fall to me... So happy it is cooling off so I can light them & get the mix of crisp coldness next to my fall candle smell.

    Hot tea is my goto fall drink.

  3. Okay, I do not miss scraping the windows in the AM now that I live in the south.

  4. great list and I LOVE comfy clothes!

  5. I'm almost looking forward to fall after reading this...almost. Maybe after a few if those martinis I'll accept fall willingly.

  6. I've never heard of butterscotch liqueour in hot chocolate, but it sounds marvelous! Fantastic list in its entirety!

  7. I had the typed up, but then had a little something to get off my chest *grins* Maybe I'll post it next week.

    Butterscotch liquor you say? I must look into this.

    I'm with you on the hand-me-down clothes. I have two pairs of HUGE mens sweats that I wear in cooler weather... I wear them over my heels and fold down the waist. LOVE them!

  8. Butterscotch liqueur is not something I've tried, but it's just been added to my MUST TRY list! Sounds delicious! And I, too, love caramel anything :)

  9. Salted Caramel Mochas... My Fall splurge!

    And sweaters. And boots. And scarves. I love sweater weather.

    And, yep, nothing beats a pilfered hoodie/sweatshirt from the guy folks.

  10. i have a thing for yellow pansies ... just yellow. for some reason i like my flower boxes to be monochromatic.

    i'm weird that way.

  11. Because you posted not one but two martinis in a list I heart you more then hot chocolate :)
    I like your new blog!!

  12. Love those loved sweatshirts ... They always warm me up!

  13. Fall means making applesauce and apple pies. :)


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