Saturday, October 13, 2012

Catching My Breath

This year's class is an incredibly well behaved group of kids who are also quite sweet.  I am enjoying my time with them.  However, I am not enjoying my time planning some really extensive reading curriculum.  I'm putting in as many extra hours as I did as a new teacher, but I'm sixteen years older than I was then, so I'm tuckered out.  I've been endeavoring to exercise four days a week, to spend time with Brad, and so this blog thing has fallen by the wayside.

After all those excuses, a fun little photo:
Brad's out showing houses, and so I've been puttering all day.  It's been a good day.

This morning I traced out an S and Mod Podged it to a pumpkin.  I'm allergic to pumpkin guts, so I love that there are other decorating ideas for the outsides that don't involve carving!  That's one thing checked off my fall to do list.

Also off the list: a visit to a pumpkin farm, a walk in a forest preserve (Brad's been working weekends so we opted to go only to the next county not the state park I hoped for), and I've been getting some reading done--four books this fall, though none were "good." Right now I'm reading FatherMotherGod.  I've torn out our impatiens and planted some tulip and hyacinth bulbs (a first), and I'm anxious for spring. I've adorned our berm with a pot of yellow and purple pansies.  No cider cookies yet, but I have made an apple crisp that Brad and Mac enjoyed.  So autumnal.

As for the fall martini, my birthday is at month's end, and I've asked my son for a martini shaker.  In the meantime, I have to settle on one recipe AND pick up some martini glasses.  I'm thinking dollar store stems will do.  Cheapo me.
While I am not looking forward to winter, I recognize each year how fleeting even that season is, so I can deal with it.  But I've concluded my blood thinned over this past summer of near 100 degree days, as 50 degrees is chilling my bones...I am definitely going to be a winter wuss.


  1. My husband makes a killer Pom martini. I've pinned a recipe for a cake martini and a pumpkin one too.

  2. I understand blogs falling to the corner on occasions. :)

    1. To true Jane, especially with your job, your grandkids, your projects. I still wonder if you sleep!

  3. I didn't know you could use Mod Podge on pumpkins. I don't carve. I actually hate Halloween but I do enjoy fall decor.

  4. We used markers to decorate our pumpkins early with the idea of keeping them from rotting until Halloween.

    Little did we know, it would be so chilly & our pumpkins probably had little chance of rotting out before then... Sigh...

    And yes, with business plan & mommy duties, blogging has taken a back seat to life... Thankfully, it means I can catchup on my friends who have been waylaid rather quickly. ;-)

  5. Love the pumpkin! I have given up on blogging until the new year, and my reasoning is similar to yours! Keith is going out with his friends Friday night; I am looking forward to having a night to myself with sweats and report cards :)!


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