Friday, October 19, 2012

Zipping May Have to Do

This summer, a group from our church planned a skydiving event.  Brad wanted to go.  Apparently it's on his, I hate this term, bucket list.

Right then, I knew he was crazy.  And the idea terrified me.

But I didn't tell him no.  That just doesn't seem right, for me to forbid him to do something like that.

Instead I asked him to compromise.  You see, he also wants to go hot air ballooning. So I suggested we should plan to do that.


That idea and a conflict on the day the group traveled out west to jump made him give up the diving idea, for now at least.

Then, when were in Wisconsin for a weekend, I persuaded him to join me in doing something I've always wanted to do, zip lining.  (I think he wanted to do it all along, but he just made me keep on asking him.  What a tease.)

It was a gorgeous early fall day, and we had a blast!  We wore grubby clothes, but the young women who were on the towers with us were in glitz and flip flops.  They were adorable, and they were afraid, and so we found ourselves momming and dadding them along the way.  Brad took more photos of them (with their phones) than he did of me, and that was fine by me.  You all don't need to see close-ups of these ol' legs in shorts (suffice it to say I've changed up my workouts since then).
Heights are not my friend, but I loved zip lining.  Is it corny to say it's a rush?   I had predicted I'd do it once and be satisfied, but I want to do it again.  The climbing onto precarious perches had me shaking, but the letting go and gliding had me laughing and smiling. 

Which brings me to sky diving.  I started thinking, maybe I can do it.  Maybe I want to do this.  Maybe it's something we can do together.  But you'll never guess what Brad said.

He said no.  Apparently, I could get hurt.  Oh, yes, I could die too.


I'm saying, stay tuned.

Disclaimer:  Friends were worried, once some pics were posted on facebook, that this would be bad for Brad's back, but zipping is like sitting in a swing.  It's smooth and virtually non-jarring.


  1. HOW FUN! I would go zip-lining in a heartbeat, and while I once (like Brad) said I would love to skydive ... uhm, not so much anymore.

  2. I went ziplining this summer for the first time and it was really fun. I wish it had been longer.

  3. I'm scared to death of heights, but I really want to zipline... I dont know why I think it wouldnt bother me

  4. My 70 year old boss skydived this summer. His family was a nervous wreck, but he loved it. I am terrified of heights but we zipped in the Smokies on our honeymoon. I needed a drink afterwards to calm down, but i did enjoy it. I could be persuaded to do it again :)

  5. I've always wanted to try zip-lining! It looks like so much fun! I really want to try it now that I've read this!

    I don't think I ever want to skydive though...

  6. I've gone down a zipline on two different occasions several years apart, into a pond. I don't think I need to do it again. The actual ride is a lot of fun, but getting off the platform when one has an extreme fear of heights, is... well... not worth the ride!

    I can, however, say I've done it more than once!

  7. Oh, I always wondered if I could zip line because I'm afraid of heights too. Maybe I can........maybe I can try! My husband did a little sky diving in college, but I wouldn't do that for, well for anything except maybe if the plane was on fire and it was that or go down with the plane!

    I don't like bucket lists.....maybe that's because I don't have one. I'm mostly scared of everything.


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