Sunday, September 16, 2012

Falling, But Not Into a Bucket

There are all sorts of things on Pinterest and the Web in general about Fall "bucket lists."  Now, when I think bucket list, I think of compiling ideas of what I'd like to do before I die.  I don't have a bucket list, and in response to a post on my old blog, some of you confirmed you don't have one either.

However, one of the cute things I saw was a banner that included a fall fun list.  I wanted to make one, but as my mental list grew, time to go through my craft stash and cut and paste dwindled.  Technically it's still summer, but autumn is pressing down, just a handful of days left...

Here's a list that's all over Pinterest, so all over I couldn't find the right source to attribute it:
There's that word "Bucket" again.  Eek!  (I know it probably means fall will kick the bucket for the year, but I still don't like it!)

And here's what I meant by banner, because for the life of me I can't find the photo I liked--though this one is cute for other reasons, I might have to have my kids make it:
So, put those together and you have the groovy idea I just don't have time for--a bannered (Spell check, what do you mean that's not a word?) autumn fun list.

What I've decided to do is to list my hopes for fall activities here, and then I'll come back to this post to line out what I've done.  It's not as cute, and my banner in my head was so durn cute, but it gets the job done in a less Martha Stewart way.



Ellie's Autumn Fun To-Do List
('cause you really don't want to know about the unfun stuff!)

Attend my friends Amy and Jon's weeding
Dance until I have a blister
Hike a state park (amended to a county forest preserve
Bake Carmel Apple cookies
Plant pansies
Plant tulip bulbs
Make a fall martini
Host a game night
Sneak away to Chicago with Brad
See the movie The Words*
Zip Line!!   (TBB, to be blogged...)
Go to a pumpkin farm
Decorate with an S, not an e, though I like it
Operation Christmas Child Party (10/28!)
Get Brad to a football game--H.S. counts
Read four good books (amended to four so-so books)
Buy helmets and bike ride on the Fox
Wrap candles with burlap
 Walk 50 "fast" miles on my treadmill in October
Go canoeing

I will add to this idea if anything else occurs to me.  With the craziness of the school year still happening, it's nice to have fun to look forward to no matter how it's delineated.

What are you up to this Autumn?  Do tell, maybe your fun will be added to my list as well!

*despite the influence of reviews, good or bad


  1. 1. Survive the first 9 weeks of school.
    2. Teach a Bible study class. I'm actually doing that next week...first time I've taught in years and my first time teaching adults. Scared.To.Death.
    3. I'd have said decorate the house but Megan did that last week.
    4. Visit the pumpkin patch with Sora.
    5. Go visit my mom's cousins.
    6. Spend a weekend with Tim's family at a ski resort to celebrate his brother-in-law's return from Afghanistan.
    7. Celebrate our 28th anniversary.

  2. Love this list!!! We've done the apple orchard, we are doing Michigan State football game, and the big fall adventure is road tripping it to Marco Island, FL for Thanksgiving with my parentals...

  3. A great not-bucket list. I got to cross something off mine yesterday. Tornado WARNING at dismissal. Fun Times!


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