Sunday, September 2, 2012

If You Really Knew Me...

I got this idea from my friend Delilah, a fellow (and successful) blogger.  If you're not reading her stuff, you should, she's mighty entertaining.  I used some of her ideas as prompts, giving credit at this moment where credit is due.

It's time to tell anyone who doesn't encounter me in person some things that folks who surround me already know.

Here goes...

I need 8 hours of sleep a night and regular doses of food.  If I don't have those things I am, as I often say, a crankcase.  However, sometimes I do forget to eat, but that really only happens on school days. I can't believe how hard my brain has to work to keep things straight, and food sometimes gets obliterated by thoughts of math, social studies, RtI, guided reading, copying...

I have a vocal disability.  Seriously, I have a photo (oh and getting that snapshot was a lovely procedure) to prove it.  Of course, if you ever sat near me in church you'd hear it; be thankful we attend different houses of worship.  I teach with a mic. When kids tell their parents I "yelled" at them, it's a lie. 

Sometimes I border on agoraphobic*.  If I didn't have to leave my house, I fear I'd stay here always.  I am a severe homebody.  I would much rather have a party than go to one.  And, yes, we have a few parties each year.

I hate grocery shopping.  The list of reasons why is much too long to share here.

When I was six weeks old, I almost died from starvation. A physician realized I had a muscle that was pushing all my formula back out--I was a projectile vomitter.  My dad used to say he'd measure how far I spewed (12' was my personal best).  ANYWAY, I have a six inch vertical scar on my midsection.  Except for those six weeks of early life, I've always had it.  When I see models in swimsuits, I stare at their smooth tummies (not their abs) and wonder, "What's that like?"

(BTW, I know the name for that disorder, but I have never been able to spell it...Google just helped me!)

I am a geek for book orders.  I pour through them. Remember book orders?  I will spend money on books for my classroom, but I mostly use the library for myself.  I don't covet books, I borrow them.

People think my personality is that of an otter, but I have to push myself to be fun.  I have to summon up courage almost every time I speak.  Listen when I talk, my voice shakes.

Reading aloud to children is my favorite thing to do.  I've been told I'm good at it, but I think it's only because I pick good books to share.

I'm ready to be a gramma.  My son is not ready to be a dad, so I wait patiently.

I met my husband via, and in his profile he wrote he didn't like sarcasm.  I replied to his first contact nonetheless.  I have spent six years now working to not use sarcasm with him.  He doesn't get my sense of humor much of the time, but there are so many other things I like about him and him about me that I can let that one go. He is precious.

Said spouse wants to go skydiving.  At first I told him that was something I'd never do.  Now I find myself thinking about a good way--or is it a bad way?  I'm going to try zip lining.  Then hot air ballooning.  Then...maybe...

I love telling people how old I am.  Almost 52!  

I can't keep any kind of candy in the house because if there's candy in the house it immediately gets stored in my tummy.  There's no, "I'll just have one," and sticking with it.  I inhale chocolate, Red Vines, Skittles...

My eye is a critical one. It's turned mostly on myself, but I turn it to others too often, too.  I hate this about me.

I am an Evangelical Christian. I am a liberal Democrat.  I'm not a fan of either label.

I love Jesus, but not as much as He loves me.  I find value in that, but I really cannot fathom its bigness.  Yet.

*I am not making light of this, I do not suffer from panic attacks.  This condition is the best way I could sum up my sometimes aversion to leaving my home.


  1. I think you have leaked most of those out on your previous blogging...none of them are surprises! Great list! I am afraid to do it!

  2. Update on my "top 25's" in my notes (originally from a few years ago!) My version of "if you really knew me"
    1. I don't have 50 facebook friends
    2. I'm blessed to have more than 50 friends though
    3. I met my husband in high school in 1970. Our first date was in 2004.
    4. I only had two dates in high school
    5. The reason for #4 is that I loved school and was a bookworm (aka nerd!?)
    6. When I marched in the H.S. marching band, I only marched and did not play because I couldn't memorize the music.
    7. I miss my dad (1928 - 2005) and my mom (1929 - 2009); does this mean I'm an orphan now?
    8. At age 54, I passed a 6-hour financial exam called the Series 7. Point being: flabby bod but brain in great shape!
    9. I love all things French.
    10. I'm content.
    11. I'm glad my husband loves me for my mind (see #8)
    12. I married Pepe LePew (the unscented version, that is!)
    13. I have fun in-laws
    14. Who would have guessed that my kid brother would turn out to be so cool!?
    15. I love dogs ,,, currently lovin' on Murphy, our 5 yr old Schnoodle rescue pup.
    16. Not too sure about cats.
    17. Like Ellen, I enjoy telling people my age: I'm 58.
    18. I love to play in the snow.
    19. I hate to shovel it.
    20. I'm a pretty good cook and I married a man who doesn't mind cleaning up the kitchen.
    21. I'd like to live in Paris one day.
    22. I'm a kept woman (I retired from full time work outside the home in December. I now work full time in the home for a very caring, loving, and sexy boss!) :)
    23. My 'specialty' dishes are paella, jambalya, beef burgundy, and toast-tites (grilled cheese sandwiches done in a cast iron thing that seals the bread so it's more like a grilled cheese pocket. Add some bacon and YUMMM!)
    24. I dream in French sometimes.
    25. I love the Lord. Saved the Best for last!

    1. Debbie, your list is way better than mine! I had no idea you were retired, wow!

  3. I love your list. I relate to so many of your things. I struggle to make myself leave the house every single day. If a day goes by when I don't leave, it's twice as hard the next day. It goes along with my postpartum depression/anxiety junk and it's no fun. And we fostered a little dude with pyloric stenosis and man could that kid puke. He was just a few weeks old and it was like a scene from Exorcist when he ate. He had the surgery too and finally started gaining weight so he could go home (his parents refused the surgery and the state stepped in and placed him in foster care).

    You're a brave woman to go zip lining and hot air ballooning! I like my feet planted firmly on the ground, thank you very much!

  4. We have thing in common! I hate leaving my house... Now I will have to google that disorder. I do suffer some panic attacks some times when I leave the house. I understand the critical eye thing.... I hate that I have it too. My oldest daughter had the severe projectile vomiting. It was horrible... We lived in the spoiled formula smell the first 6 months of her life.


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