Wednesday, September 5, 2012 and...out

A few weeks ago, I started getting emails from, and they weren't being sent to my spam.  Now, is not garbage, through match I met my husband, but since I am married, I don't subscribe.  Or do I?

It seems like a young man from Springfield, Illinois used my email address, mistakenly I hope, to sign on.  I contacted "Match" through their site right away to let them know of this error, but the emails kept coming. Emails as in matches.  Each day, Evan, as I learned from my correspondence to him to me, was getting emails containing some photos and details of some very lovely young ladies.

To be honest, I did look at one email, but the rest I deleted.  I couldn't help think of him waiting, not realizing his error, thinking no one wanted him. So knowing his user name, I attempted to guess at his gmail address (not mine, but perhaps his actual address), and I sent him a very nice note explaining the mistake.

While no reply came from him, the matches kept coming.  Each day an email awaited me Evan.

Then, I received an email (I can't figure out why) with his password--"rumpustime."  That made me laugh, it reminded me of Mercer Mayer's Where the Wild Things Are, "Let the wild rumpus begin!"  But then, not a moment later, I was creeped out.  On what kind of rumpus was he thinking of embarking with the ladies who were filling my inbox each morning?


So I searched the customer support site again this time looking for a phone number. I could not one.  I googled them, finally came upon a contact phone number, and spoke to a very nice but perplexed representative.  I explained that while I once found Match to be very helpful (meaning Brad + Ellie kissing in a tree...), I no longer needed them nor was I Evan Stewart of Springfield, Illinois, no matter what email this misguided 24-year-old shared.

About 20 minutes later, after being on hold while he made sure this was done right, a block was placed on Evan's account.   The emails stopped.

Still, I can't help wonder about Evan, so tonight I used said password to see what was up.  The hold on the account is still there which means he hasn't tried to access it.  Which means he's getting charged for a service he's not taking advantage of.  Which means he's pretty clueless.

It makes me sad.  And, it makes me wish I had a blog back in my dating days because my dating life was much livelier (properly lively of course) than boring ol' Evan's.


  1. Poor Evan's mom....never to be a grandmother. ;)

  2. Sigh. Now I'm sadder still.

    I will admit, the only reason I only looked at one email of matches is because I found myself wanting to write to the women as him. I know what a woman wants to hear...


  3. Poor Evan.. we just need to pray he finds his match :)

    He may have just given up when no replies were coming... poor fella...

    you had a great opportunity to be Ms. Matchmaker :)

  4. How does one *mistype* their email? Make up an email because they are doing something they shouldn't be? - that I would get. But to just mistype it dumbfounds me.

    Anyway... Glad the support people could help stop the influx of emails & resolve issues... And you are way more proactive than I am... I would have just deleted them without ever thinking about how to stop them.

  5. Wow, that is sort of un-nerving to know that an account was created, wrong email address. Maybe it was one of those first month free thing, so he hasn't bother checking why he is not receiving matches?

  6. You're such a good person...I would be reading all of Evan's messages. I hope he wasn't doing anything sinister like grabbing personal info and cc #s. Someone hijacked my iTunes account and even created an email account that was similar to my to the email account I used for iTunes.


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