Friday, September 14, 2012

The School Year So Far

This isn't a teacher blog, but it is a blog authored by a teacher.  So of course, sometimes a little school is going to sneak in.  Now, how to allow some blog to sneak into my school filled life?

We have a new reading curriculum that is overwhelming and daunting and I finally allowed myself to really work with it hoping it would get easier but it's still overwhelming and daunting.

This is a blog written by a teacher who is not making any effort to edit the above run-on sentence.

My class is great, my math class is a puzzle--fitting for math, our new principal is kind and funny, our meeting schedule is full, tutoring hasn't started yet (how will I do that too?), student council is just gearing up, science--please don't ask me about science, sped schedules keep changing, I have a wonderful aide ("para"), lunch always at my desk or laptop or white board, oh--an interactive white board--how to use it, grad classes being sought, and recess.

That's not all...

My one goal endeavor, and I have not been successful yet, is to live in the moment.  I find I'm always thinking of what's next (ala President Barlett), and I'm constantly tripping over my words (ala not anything written by Aaron Sorkin), so I want to slow down and be.

It ain't happening.

Here is something fun from the week.  Some BPS teachers walking in the BHS Homecoming Parade:
It's a candy fest really.  Folks line the street to have candy thrown to them.  My face hurt from smiling.  My legs hurt from running to catch up after seeing students past and present in the crowd and stopping for hugs.

All in all, all is well in B town.

Waiting for a getaway to W state if even for a few hours.  Stay tuned...


  1. It's probably not the best road, but I gave up planning my next career step... Ive focused on living intentionally. It is awesome. My career is suffering, but personally I'm in a much better mental place.


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