Monday, September 3, 2012

Pastor, Pastor

Last week, I typed the word teacher into the search box on Pinterest, and I found some blog fodder.  When I promoted that post on facebook, I commented that I might do the same with the word pastor soon.  A pastor I know suggested I share my findings...
In avoidance of all the work I should have been doing, I searched last night.  Funny thing was, I typed in pastor, then added pastor, and searching "pastor, pastor," brought me some stranger hits.

The most striking thing to note was that I learned something in this time wasting activity.  I learned that pastor is lamb in Spanish.  There were many images for food like these tacos al pastor:

Pastor is also used for sheep as in sheep dog:
Pastor Aleman* was there too, but I think this guy is cuter.

There were many photos of pastors (not the laughing/yawning pastor from above, his image I pulled from facebook), including a pastor from Brad's former Indy church, Northview. I zeroed in on him because of his bald head, I have a thing for those, only to recognize he was from Northview.  I liked that place, so I had to include Pastor Steve here.
I found a man who sells his drawings on esty and online,, and I liked this pin because it went so well with the message at church this week:
Interesting how that so often happens.

This one made me laugh.  I had no idea, so I guess I learned something from this too.  He certainly has that gluttony thing down, but God forgives sin--even those of Pastor Puppets--and uses us each to influence others:

All images (save the first) borrowed from Pinterest, where they are most certainly borrowed from somewhere else.

*German Shepherd, my HS Spanish coming in handy one again.  Gracias Mrs. Blanco.


  1. Learn something new every day. :-)

  2. There is a whole lotta truth in that one little cartoon. :/

  3. I get tacos al pastor all the time! :) yum!

    1. Hm, do I add those to my California Dreaming list?


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