Sunday, September 9, 2012

Kids Write

Coincidentally, last weekend, I wrote a little blip of a post about apologizing.  It received some sweet comments.  At school I had a chance to work through a "sorry" situation with some little ones.

On Wednesday, some second graders used the door by my classroom to come in from recess.  I heard my peer Kate reminding them to be quiet.  Telling them to be quiet.  Shouting at them, "Miss Stewart is going to have to close her door because you are being too noisy!  Her children can't learn!"  So I walked over to close the door to reinforce her statement. 

At the end of the day, I found a pile of notes clipped together in my mailbox.

Among them were these messages:

Der M Stewart I am sory that we were talking alot.  frome Alex

I am sorry we were to noze and you had to shot the Door Faith

MSStewart I'm sorry you had to sut the dor From EVan

to:  M.S. Stort.We are sorey we wr lowd MS. Storet  from Annika

Ms. Stewart I Sorry adout it  Cameron

Dear Ms. Stewart I'm sorry you could not teach and I will try to setel down and sorry you had to close the door.  Kenzie

I am so sorry. Please forgive me.  I relly am so sorry.  Lauren

Okay.  How cute are those?  I got such a kick out of them, I had to write back.  (It turns out there were two coming in, and yes, 52+ second graders can be quite lowd.)  In my note I told them of course I forgave them, but I would know they were really sorry if they changed their behavior.

Sure enough, later that day, they came in like mice.  I was teaching at the front of the room, and I saw them--I didn't hear them--and they looked so proud!

Definitely a week for cuteness (and noze) and lessons learned at school.  :)


  1. How incredibly sweet! That's why Jesus says for us to come as children, they are so genuine.

  2. How cute. I had my grandson at work one day and he did pretty well for a while considering he was only 2. He started to get a little loud and I asked him to be quiet as a mouse. That worked for a few minutes. When I said it to him the second time, he said, "I'm not a mouse, I'm Malachi!" That was the end of that! :)

  3. Very Cute! I bet you acceptance made them want to go the extra mile!

  4. LOVE the notes. Really, how adorable.


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