Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our Advent Door

For his 60th birthday, I collected cards and letters from people who love Brad and I tucked each one in an envelope, one for each of the 24 days of April leading up to and including his birthday.  He truly rushed downstairs each morning to open each day's gift, and the folks who sent them would check, "Has he opened mine yet?"

It made his special season wonderful and personal.

I wrote in my last post about our Advent wreath tradition, and this year I've incorporated a card a day into Advent too.  Using 25 days of Bible verses I located  here after a google search, I've made an Advent calendar door.  During a quick trip to Michael's I found these gold envelopes and little gift stickers.
Sorry for the blur, school nights don't allow for pictures perfect.
I cut card stock of red and green alternating for each envelope, and on each card I wrote the subject on one side and the corresponding verses on the other side.

As much as I wanted to pre-read some of the verses, I did not.   Day one, Saturday, holds a card that reads "Sharing" on the front and John 3:1-21 on the other.  You can go ahead and read that if you'd like, just don't tell me what it says.  Yet.

Really, they're gold.

It's kind of bland now but as cards are read, the red and green will peek.

From a design standpoint, I was thrilled with the gold envelopes when I came across them, but I may spend 2013 looking for something with more oomph.  Regardless, I am excited at the prospect of sharing time in the Word with Brad each evening, and for that the wrapper matters not.

It will make this special time of year wonderful and personal.

May you usher in Advent well.

P.S.  Brad decided we should turn all the cards to make the door more colorful, so after our first reading tonight (Christmas is for Sharing, John 3:1-31), we did just that.


  1. What a fun idea! You never get old enough to want to run down for a surprise - do you? Especially to be surprised by God's word! :)

    You're just inspiring me all over for Advent! :)

  2. I love this! And I even MORE love the idea of notes and cards leading up to your husband's birthday. I'm tucking that idea away for later. :)


  3. Our church does a family Advent kit every year. This year is a mason jar filled with a tags. There is a tag with a task and verse for each day. I'm looking forward to it!

  4. Such a sweet idea. It's nice to see people without littles at home still grove with the whole advent thing. I think bigger numbers on your envelopes would add a nice graphic touch, but I like how Brad turned the cards. Very festive indeed!


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