Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fragging for the First Time?

I started this "new" blog a while back because though I loved my old one, I had posted some things there that reflected a not so pretty side of me (aka the petty side of me.)
Downside to trying to soften, many followers haven't made the move with me.

Okay dozens haven't.

Dozens?  Now that's some hefty readership.

So I'm visiting an old haunt, Friday Fragments, because my life is best sampled in bits and pieces.

  • My class this year is made up of really wonderful kids.  I'm enjoying each day with them.
  • Parent-teacher conferences were this week, and my mind was blown when one dad donated $100 to our class service project (Operation Christmas Child).  He wants to remain anonymous, so posting this here assures him of that!
  • I had a fun birthday, and though Brad and I don't exchange gifts, he told me to order a Kindle and we went shoe shopping.  Yep, my husband likes to go shoe shopping.  (And after that little shopping excursion, I am imposing a ban on shopping for myself for months!  EEK!)
  • He also bought a bottle of Jose Cuervo Margaritas for me.  This is funny because he doesn't drink, so picturing him in the local "beverage depot," even with my son's help, cracks me up.
  • I've come up with a neato concept for a new advent tradition, and I can't wait to share it.  Unfortunately, my vision doesn't always align with my reality...
  • I have a student who is a Jehovah's Witness, so to support him, I didn't dress up this Halloween.  Well, I guess I did, I went as the Halloween Scrooge!  Party.  Pooper.
  •  I wonder, are you ever torn about how to spend money?  Lately I've been struggling with taking trips versus investing in new furniture.  The good thing is, this dilemma keeps my from spending on either.
  • I'm a A-line skirt wearer in a pencil skirt world.  It's quite sad.
  • Brad attends a Thursday night men's group at church where guys are rewarded for participation and question answering with a chocolate bar.  The man has a Dr.'s degree in ministry, I was counting on him bringing home something sweet each week, but he will not play that way.  Sigh!
  • Last Saturday, my student B. and I went to a trunk-or-treat event at our church.  The candy collectors were children and adults with special needs, and B. was so into sharing our loot with them.  I picked the right helper! 
  • Last year, B. helped a non-verbal, wheelchair ridden boy in a grade two above hers with his daily vocabulary lessons.  When I told her we'd be giving candy to people with special needs, she asked what that meant.  I explained it would be people like "J."  She said, "J. had special needs?"  She just saw him as him, and that's beautiful.

  •  Happy gain an hour weekend!


  1. I wondered where you were. Glad to see you fragmenting again!

  2. I miss doing Trunk or Treat. It was a lot of fun.

  3. Congratulations on the new blog. Happy Friday Miss Stewart.

  4. The trunk or treat sounds like a very nice idea. Don't worry - people will find your new home. Just do some visiting around.

  5. B is wonderful! My oldest son befriended a boy at scouts who is wheelchair bound. My son didn't understand why the others boys wouldn't play with him. "Mom, do you think it has anything to do with the wheelchair?"

    I had no idea you moved blogs. You could have just deleted those posts. I am sorry folks aren't making the migration. I lost several followers when I moved from WP to blogger :-(

  6. Nothing wrong with A-line skirts. I find them quite flattering. Enjoy your extra hour.

  7. I found you too! As much as I think we are making progress at dealing with diversity, it is slow going at best! I'm a nurse, in a family of therapists and I tend to think we are making more progress than we really are.

  8. Nothing wrong with a-line skirts here either... the problem with pencil skirts is I look nothing like a pencil :-)

  9. I'm an A-Line skirt wearer myself. So much more comfortable, and practical!


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