Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Own Mike Holmes--part one

We've lived in our townhouse for about 5 1/2 years, and we love so much about it.  But one thing that's always been a concern is the temperature in the master bedroom.  First steps in, it seems cooler than the hall, but more steps in would lead you to a wall of cold, a discernible difference.

I've been wanting Brad to paint the room for a while, but before doing that he wanted to address the issue of the cold.   He wanted to, as a particular HGTV star says, "Make it Right."

This month it came time, he removed sheet rock in the alcove, the wall between the alcove and window, and the window wall.  He found scant insulation, so he foamed it, replaced the existing insulation, and wrapped it in silver material that reminds me of a padded cell.  Then he and a friend replaced the sheet rock.

Our boudoir, as a work in progress over the last few weeks (he's also been working with clients and such--you know, his real job):
Containing the dust, that's our bed under the black plastic tarp
Original insulation over foam

Silver over foam
Sheet rock
Wrapped window
Obviously, there is mudding and taping to do.  Still, the chill exists.

Part two, come in from the downstairs.  Brad has moved to the garage, where after tearing down the ceiling, so far just on one side, he has determined there is NO insulation around our bedroom window.  So he is repeating all steps from below.
Cutting up the sheet rock he removed from the garage ceiling (photo snapped minutes ago)
Ceiling through a haze of dust
Looking up under the outer wall that houses our master bedroom window, in person, you can see there is no insulation surrounding it.

More to come...other changes in the works that would make this post too long!


  1. Far to say he's exhausted but loving it!

  2. You should have left it at the silver stage and eliminate the painting ;)

  3. I thought about it. It would have looked so festive with Christmas lights...


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