Saturday, November 17, 2012

Glue Gun Girls

Starting off with a disclaimer is never a good thing, but here I go.

 I have seen many versions on the web of this design.  I could give credit, but chances are the sites I was inspired by were inspired by others, and I don't want to follow that train of dominoes.  So, this was not my idea.  But I took it and ran with it.

How's that for a couple of jumbled idioms?

Last night, three of my friends came over with alphabet letters, faux berries, glue guns, and snacks in hand for our Christmas craft party.  Many more were invited but could not come, but may I just say, four women with heated devices around one table was just the right fit?

We got to gluing and talking and laughing, and so no photos were taken during the process, but the after allows for some.

I made this:
A few photo details:

A wood letter from Hobby Lobby, $2.49 and made in the USA.
(A rare find in H.L.)
This photo shows the back side.

I bought red berries on stems from Michael's.  
Each stem was $1.99, but they were 50% of,
and I think I used my teacher discount of 15% off that. 
I used only four stems.

The how-to-do-its (as if it's not self-explanatory, hello, it's a craft I did...):
  • Paint front side of letter with red acrylic paint (we did this the night before)
  • Let paint dry
  • Snip berries from stems
  • Hot glue to letter
Interesting observations:
     Erin used a letter that could stand on its own, and she applied bigger shiny red berries.  Katie used a variety of pearlized berries of gold and white along with two shades of red.  Ashley, never having used a glue gun before was quite precise, and her berries were very orderly. (I regret not getting photos, and I will beg them each to post to facebook so I may steal them and augment this post.*)
     In my effort to be random, my hot gluing resulted in a hot mess of glue shnoobly and cobwebs, one of which landed in my margarita. I'm thinking about adding more berries to hide some of the glue blobs. (I was teased that my S may be six layers of berries deep when I am finally done. But I like the lumpiness of it.) This S definitely looks better from a distance!

I may add a ribbon and hang it...

I may prop it up against something and just let it be:
     The most important thing is we had fun and good conversations.  We started a little after seven, and at one point one of us said, "It's almost 11!"  Stunned, we were aware of what a sweet way this was to pass the time.  I love my girls.


Katie's  :)

Erin's Friday night A, and then another

P.S.  Mine, after  more finessing and booger removing.  I love it!


  1. Thanks for having us over. It was so much fun! I still like the depth in your letter.

  2. Thanks Miss C! I like the precision of yours. :)

  3. I like them all!! If you decide to hang it, I might use a wider ribbon. But I love how they all turned out and you can never beat fun, creativity, friends and tequila!!

  4. Yes ma'am, wider ribbon with some wire to help my lackluster bow making skills!

  5. I really like your S alot. I never know what to do about initials like this because returned to my maiden name so my children and I have different last initials and while I OWN the house, it's their home too. KWIM?

    But I really like this alot!

  6. I love this!!! It would so cute hanging with a green ribbon! Mine would be a V - that should be simple! OH MY... I see a craft in my near future!!!


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