Friday, November 23, 2012

My Own Mike Holmes--part two

All day Wednesday, with breaks for client calls and follow-ups on an active contract, my dusty husband continued to work in the garage.  He's out there as I post this.  The reinsulation project continues.  He is loving it.  He's exhausted but having fun!

Just like when I watch Holmes on Homes, it really bugs me to know that the other homes in our neighborhood are built the same.  Grrrr! (As well as Brrr!)  As I walk into other rooms this cold morning, I now get why they're chilly--wafer thin insulation.  Sigh.

The project has taken on a life of it's own, and Brad is willing to be thorough.  In the meantime we live with our bedroom furniture pushed all together.  We're a while off from the mudding and taping.
Silver columns in our living room (not moved for yesterday's company, my family dealt with them just fine.)
I can be patient, because besides being warmer in a room I love the most, there are other plans in the works.

This light will be going, a donation to Habitat's ReStore.  Can you say builder cheap?
He plans to use this new "toy" for the crown moulding in the bedroom AND to frame out our builder grade sheet mirrors in all three baths:

In time, perhaps he'll create a built-in for the living room using that saw to trim it out, This photo is from the model, ours will not have the wall above, at least that's the thought at the moment...
After that, new paint in many rooms.  I will finally have to decide how to decorate our bedroom. 

I remember an old Brady Bunch episode in which Mike reworks their bedroom, and Carol says, "Well, now it looks so good, we have to do the hall, the living room..."  I know what she means.   The domino effect of decorating.

As one of my facebook friends said, "You are lucky to have a handy husband!"  I disagree, I am blessed and thankful.  He is at peace in this hobby that's making messes in our home, but soon enough things will settle and all will continue to be well.


  1. I love you TV built in! I bought the one house I looked at that didn't have an built-ins. Gross error on my part! I also like that you do not have a flat screen! I don't have one either... my 1999 Sony works just fine, but I think my parents and Lawn Boy are in cahoots and I may get one for Christmas. I don't want or need one, but I will be gracious just the same!

    The changes I am making to my home now are to upgrade the builder basics to make my house stand out against the new construction... tile backsplash, crown moulding, etc, so that when I sell it will hopefully attract people because it's already done rather than paying for upgrades.

  2. Yay for Handy Hubs, boo to bad insulation. It's so cool when projects are finished and you can say "I did that!"

  3. I think you are lucky AND blessed.

    My dad is the handy one & we are already working J. Soon enough he will be too old to handle the major projects, and Matt is skilled at all in the ways of craftsmanship. I don't want to lose that skill from our family, nor do I want to pay for every project (big or small).

  4. Those are some exciting projects!! Good luck :)


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