Saturday, November 24, 2012

Shopping for Chicks On Line

For many reasons, I ask my students to work on service projects with me or on their own at the holidays in lieu of giving me gifts.  Parents seem to like this idea, the kids get into it, but still, some present me with presents.  Last year I received some truly meaningful gifts--most notably two donations to local food pantries, and a gift of ducks through World Vision.

From my Nick and his family came this gift that helped others and warmed my heart.  What a memory that gift made.  I like to think it continues to make an impact on those who received the ducks--eggs for food, ducklings for more eggs, eggs shared with neighbors, families growing stronger and seeing God at work in their lives all because of a thoughtful gesture.

This year, Brad and I received the World Vision gift catalog, and we decided he would "give" his grandkids chicks for Christmas.  Living so far away from them, it's hard to know what they're into, and like most kids, they are generously gifted at Christmas from all sides.

I don't know that his giving chicks to his grandkids will be something they value this year, but I'm hoping it makes an imprint on their hearts.  Seasons from now, I hope they'll remember and maybe one day willingly pay it forward, just as Nicholas' gift caused me to.

Check out the catalog. Perhaps a goat, cow, duck or chick is in your loved one's future?  There is such a great variety of things to choose from:  food for family, soccer balls for school, a bike for a girl to get to school, school supplies for American children, meals...

A note though, the website can be finicky.  Be patient with it!


  1. Have you looked at this one?

    This is my favorite holiday catalog. I showed it to Seany and had a long talk about giving and how other people live in other parts of the world. Got him very interested in helping with the shoe boxes.

  2. Ellen - I love your blog:-) My sister-in-law has me giving her gifts from Heifer for Christmas...I pick if its ducks or chicken or ?? other item needed by someone in another country on her is the only thing she asks for every year for Christmas...she is a very sweet lady so your chicks remind me of Liz...(time to give her donation again this year...YAY!). HUGS!
    PS. If it ever fits your schedule, I'd love to see you at yoga on a Saturday at 8am or a Monday at 5:30pm (but not Christmas Eve and not New Year's eve because we'll be closed then)...I can picture out at Christmas Eve service...
    PSP. Do you still eat Trinidad's?

    1. I'd love to make it to yoga again Carolyn, but Phil's the only teacher I've ever had...

      Maybe on Saturday over my break. Will you give me a Trinidad for showing up?

  3. Great idea. As J gets older, I think gifts like this will be more meaningful. At this point, I am not sure he'd *get* it. If it is not physically in his hand, then he doesn't get the concept of giving in lieu of personal (even wasteful) gain.

  4. I remember all the things that Mac got when he was small, and then I remember how few things he played with. His favorites were Hot Wheels, Lego, and books. When I'm a grandparent, I hope to share some of those things with Mac's child(ren) and perhaps select a gift from a similar catalog together.

    One day...


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